Student research guide

Are you having trouble with a research project and have no idea how to start?

Well, if so, then you have come to the right place! This research guide will give you useful tips on writing an engaging, clear, and focused research question. This research guide is centered around the Citizen Entrepreneur Explorer program but does provide helpful information that you can take with you in other courses.




Research Question 


Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, & Bakeries

Spring 2022 Why are local coffee shops having a hard time staying in business versus bigger coffee chains in the same neighborhood?  
Spring 2022 How the salt reduction in bread can help in improving health without impacting the quality of dough production in Brooklyn? 11219
Spring 2022 How are the risks of having a sports bar in Flatbush de-escalated? 11226
Spring 2022 How are dive bars using social media to increase customer traffic to gain a competitive advantage over other bars?  
Spring 2022 How does social media impact small restaurants in Hamilton Heights? 10031
Spring 2022 How were local restaurants affected both positively and negatively by the George Floyd memorial? 11226
Spring 2022 What is the best location for an organic cafe? N/A
Spring 2022 How do cafes keep up with changes in the supply and demand, and overcome challenges? N/A
Spring 2022 How has uber eats affected restaurants in NYC during the pandemic? N/A
Spring 2020 How have local restaurants adapted their offerings/business model to stay relevant during the pandemic? N/A
Spring 2020 How has outdoor dining affected local restaurants in Astoria, Queens? 11368
Spring 2021 Why is there a lack of plant-based options in the Bronx? 10458
Spring 2021 How has Uber eats affected restaurants during the pandemic? Queens, NY
Spring 2021 What is the influence of food delivery platforms on local restaurants in China? Xin Pai Fang, China
Spring 2020 How have restaurant menu changes impacted revenue during the pandemic? N/A
Summer 2021 How should demographics affect what kind of food is sold in a community? N/A
Fall 2021 How has the vaccine mandate in New York City impacted restaurants in Little Italy and Chinatown? 


Spring 2022 How was gentrification impacted local businesses in Brownsville? N/A
Spring 2020 How can we get emerging businesses (e.g. restaurants) in Harlem to reinvest resources into their communities to help entrepreneurs native to the area open businesses in their community? What would that do to help reduce the effects of gentrification? 10031

Salons, Spas & Barbershops

Fall 2020 What has been the effect of the pandemic on beauty salons in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn? 11220
Fall 2020 What differences distinguish nail technicians and nail salons in Queens and how does this affect customer retention? 11368
Summer 2021   How does using social media marketing among barbershops in my neighborhood affect customer traffic? N/A
Summer 2021 Would outdoor structures keep barbershops open during the COVID Pandemic? N/A
Summer 2021 How did the Open Restaurants Program in NYC affect restaurants during the pandemic?  10026
Fall 2021 What can we do to reduce daily food waste for a local Brooklyn coffee shop? N/A
Fall 2021 Do people prefer the atmosphere or food of a restaurant in the Bronx? 10451

Retail Stores

Spring 2021 What is the impact of big-box store chains on small boutiques in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? 33301
Spring 2021 What are the short- and long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on handbag shops in my neighborhood? 11207
Fall 2020 What lipgloss brands do women prefer in my neighborhood? 11208
Fall 2020 How did clothing stores in Moshulu Parkway stay afloat during the Pandemic? 10468
Spring 2021 How does the difference between expensive and affordable cosmetics affect a person in my community in Queens? N/A
Fall 2020 What are the hypo-allergenic and vegan cosmetic options in Queens? 11220
Spring 2021 How were beauty supply stores in Atlanta, Georgia affected by the pandemic? N/A


Spring 2022 How can public schools build a better awareness by advertising on social media? 10023
Fall 2020 How do different schooling systems (public vs. private) compare in Morningside Heights, NY? 10027
Spring 2021 How has online school affected kids' stress levels in my neighborhood? what are their ways of destressing? 10458

Photography & Film

Spring 2021 How has the photography studio business cycle changed the business model in the pandemic from the past to now? 11219
Spring 2021 How has the film industry in NYC  adapted to work within a limited capacity of people although it functions around networking and collaboration? 10011